Mother Cabrini Virtual Birthday Candles 2017

Mother Cabrini Birthday Tribute Candles

are dedicated to the following: 


The Albert Family

Donald & Marie Amoruso

Isabel Aulestia-Gomez

Roderick Avitabile

In memory of Salvatore Avitabile (Alex Avitabile)

In memory of Salvatore Avitabile (Libera Avitabile)

In memory of Theresa Liu Avitabile (Alex Avitabile)

In memory of Theresa Liu Avitabile (Libera Avitabile)

Friend of Joan Baltas

Anne Marie Borneman’s Special Intention

John Borneman

Mary & BeBe Borneman

Bonnie Burke

The Buzzallino Family

Lorraine Campanelli

Lois Cartica

In memory of Kathleen Cassidy

Anita Catalanotto

In memory of Sr. Edmund Cirulli, MSC

Bill Condon

Florence Condon

Joe Cordes

In honor of the Costello & Mulling grandchildren

In honor of Bridget Cunningham

Robert J. Cunningham

Zulema DaMata

In memory of Sr. Marie Louise De Antonio, MSC

In memory of Sr. Margaret Dos Santos, MSC

In memory of Frances Donofrio

Dunleavy Family Members

Friends & Extended Family of Sr. Patricia Dunleavy, MSC

Florence Fallano

Florina (for healing)

Signe Friel

Julie & Art Furtado

Marth & Gibby Furtado

Steve & Ann Furtado

In honor of Suzanne Gallgher

In memory of Rita Garry

In memory of William Garry

In honor of Gayle & Jimmie Gaubert

Vincent Gatto

Alexander Gioiella

Anthony Gioiella

Gianna Gioiella

Joseph Gioiella

Renee Gioiella

In honor of Mike Glacken (from Ron Katkocin)

In memory of Sr. Immaculate Gough, MSC

In memory of Kathleen Cassidy Hampton

Ardley Hanemann

Victoria & James Harvey

In honor of Jayne Highsmith

Jamie Infante

For all Immigrants & Refugees

Terence Jones

In memory of Allan Klein

Tania Lambert

In memory of Sr. Barbara Leonardo, MSC

In memory of Dominic Nicholas Marchesani

Ninamarie Cozzo Mattera

In memory of Agnes O’Toole Matlock

Susan McCaskie

Laura McGrath

In memory of Nancy D. McNerlin

In memory of Sr. Grace Menici, MSC

Shirley Merkle

In memory of George Merusi

Frances Miltenor

Paul Mitchell

In memory of Anne Morana

In memory of Vincent Morana

In memory of Sr. Ambrogina Morselli, MSC

In memory of Constance O’Brien

In memory of Jeffrey O’Brien

In memory of John O’Brien

In memory of Mary O’Neill

In memory of Margaret O’Toole

Lawrence J. Ottaviano, MD

Tara & Melanie Paccillo

In memory of Salvatore Panettieri

Ellen Peers

In memory of Sr. Christine Perazzoli, MSC

In memory of Sr. Marie Therese Petersen, MSC

The Powell Family

Happy Birthday to Mother Cabrini & Judge Gail Prudenti

Raymond & Eileen Quinn

In honor of Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia, MSC

In memory of Kristine Reed

The family of Kenneth Rottman & Matthew Paul

Teresa Rocha

In memory of Sr. Melba Russo, MSC

Marybeth Senkewicz

Joseph & Maria Souza

In memory of Margaret Sullivan

In memory of Sr. Mary Louise Sullivan, MSC

In memory of Sr. Alberta Surico, MSC

Paige Tibbetts

For all Trafficked People

Marla Tutein

Richard Wang

In memory of Sr. Sylvia Yates, MSC


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