Mother Cabrini Inspires Legacy Gift

Belief in Mother Cabrini Inspires Legacy Gift

Our future just got a little brighter
is often the response when a member of the Cabrini Missionary Foundation (CMF) visits with a supporter. Recently, the Foundation has been named one of three beneficiaries in the estate of Philip Luppi. Nick Vendikos, President of CMF,
stated that “our future just got a lot brighter” after talking with Robert (Bob) Luppi, Philip’s nephew.

Mr. Luppi, age 92, with the support from Bob, guidance from his new estate planning attorney and his long time financial advisor, crafted a new will. Upon his passing, 25% of his estate will be distributed to the Cabrini Mission Foundation to create a special endowment fund to support the health and well being of senior and retired Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC).

With this gift intention, Mr. Luppi becomes a new member of the Mother Cabrini Legacy Society. Sister Catherine Garry has become his prayer partner, and after their initial phone conversation, Sister remarked, “We are so blessed to honor Mother Cabrini and her legacy through a friend like Philip Luppi.It’s a connection that once again demonstrates the impact and love for Mother Cabrini, patron saint of immigration to whom he prays each day.
Philip’s Story

Our connection with Philip and Bob may have just begun, but Philip has been connected to Mother Cabrini for most of his life. Philip grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts. The youngest of five children, his parents emigrated from Northern Italy (Parma and Modena). They opened a neighborhood grocery store and bakery and all of their children worked in the family business. After being inspired by an outstanding high school English
teacher, Philip attended Notre Dame University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He taught for one year at Villanova University and then moved to Los Angeles to teach History and English in the Los Angeles public school
system for more than 30 years. On his way to teaching high school, Philip often stopped, at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Burbank.

His two most important hobbies are playing the piano and collecting vintage cars, both of which he continues to enjoy today. He has never married and lived with his older sister Florence Lucy Luppi until her passing
in 2011. She worked as an administrative assistant with a government agency until her retirement. They lived a simple life and made a great team.

Philip has honored her legacy as a high school cheerleader by establishing several cheerleader scholarship funds in her memory at Somerville High School and Villanova University.
But for Mother Cabrini

In his first conversation with Sister Catherine Garry, Philip remarked that he has a special picture of Mother Cabrini hanging in his bedroom that he once received on a visit to a Cabrini Day Care Center in Los Angeles. His fervent
connection to Mother Cabrini may have occurred as a result of her work in the 1890s assisting the enormous numbers of Italian immigrants flooding to the United States mostly in great poverty.

It is often said that Mother Cabrini inspires people to work together and help those who need us the most. We are grateful to Bob, an attorney in Los Angeles who initiated the process which enabled Philip to establish his legacy gift.

Let the Process Begin
In discussing his interest with Bob, he wanted to support a number of charities once he passed.  However he did not have a will. Bob helped his uncle understand that without a will, state and federal statutes would
determine where and how his estate would be distributed.
He unfortunately would not have any control over the distribution of his assets. Philip asked Bob to find him an estate planning attorney so he could begin the process. Bob reached out to his uncle’s financial advisor from Wells Fargo, who recommended an experienced firm to consider. Enter Anahita Farasat, who became his attorney and friend. They began the discussions and that lasted a month and narrowed down the potential charities that Philip wanted to support.

Philip asked Bob to locate official representatives of Mother Cabrini, and Bob contacted the Cabrini Mission Foundation. Over the next few weeks, a number of informative and planning conversations with Cabrini staff and Philip’s attorney were conducted. Bob knew very quickly that Uncle Philip’s wishes would be honored. He worked with Anahita and the CMF staff to create the language for the legacy gift that would be established through a bequest in Philip’s new will. In addition, several other charities would also benefit from his generosity.

Sister Catherine looks forward to continuing her contact with Philip, even though she lives in New York and he in Los Angeles. Sister remarked after her first call that, “The legacy of Mother Cabrini continues to bring me in contact with some of the most inspirational and delightful people in this world.”

Philip, we hope that your days are as bright as you have made the future days for our Cabrini Sisters. Thank you.

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