SOMETIMES ALL IT TAKES IS FAITH And a Little Help From a Nephew

Bob Luppi

Sometimes all it takes is faith and a little help from the nephew 

It started with a simple conversation between Robert (Bob) Luppi, a successful attorney in Orange County, California and his uncle, Philip Luppi. This moment marked the beginning of an extraordinary legacy journal that will have profound impact on the futures of countless students and Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC).

Mother Cabrini exercised her faith, guidance and vision to lead and serve those most in need. With Bob’s compassionate guidance and support, Philip was able to fulfill his dream of supporting those organizations that impact his life.

Bob served as the conduit and helping hand for Philip to arrange for the bequest documents to support his three most meaningful charities.

Like many individuals (more than 40%), Philip did not have a will and since his giving would occur after his death, he needed to be assured that the right vehicles would be in place to fulfill his wishes.

Bob had many conversations with Philip, contacted a number of charities on his uncle’s initial list and then through Philip’s guidance narrowed the list to three

Bob contacted Philip’s financial advisor who recommended an estate planning attorney. It was excellent advice. Phillip’s new attorney prepared his will. and ultimately became a friend. This helped empower Philip to set up his gift instructions.

Bob continued his contract with the charities to ensure that the instructions provided by Philip would be honored. As for Cabrini, Bob also arranged for the initial prayer partner call between Sister Catherine Garry and Nick Vendikos. In Philip’s first discussion with Sister Catherine, he remarked that he often wears a Mother Cabrini medal given to him by Bob as a result of a visitor to the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado.

In retrospect, when Bob was asked why this process was so important to him he commented,”First of all, it was what Uncle Philip wanted and i was blessed to be in a position (actually 90 minutes away from where Philip lived) to guide him in this processI could see how passionate Uncle Philip was in carving out a legacy to his sister and the Luppi Family with these charities. I was honored to help make this happen.”

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