Mother Cabrini Legacy Society, Funding the Future

Mother Cabrini Legacy Society
Funding the Future

One of the most significant ways that
friends of the Missionary Sisters (MSC) can participate in supporting our
prophetic future is to join the Mother Cabrini Legacy Society. The society recognizes
friends that include the Cabrini Mission Foundation in their estate plans. To
date the society has 16 members who have indicated to us they have made
provisions in their estate plans to help us secure a challenging and often
tumultuous future for those who we serve.

There are numerous charitable options and many do not require any current financial
support. The most common being a bequest in one’s will. Many of our friends, we
often refer to them as our Secret Admirers, have already made these arrangements
but have not shared the information with us. We would love to know as it helps
us in our long range planning. We will also honor any confidential request that
you may have.
For more information on the Mother Cabrini Legacy Society, please contact Nick Vendikos,
Cabrini Mission Foundation President and CEO at 212-228-8606 or nvendikos@cabrinifdn.org.

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