Cabrini Will Power

Cabrini Will Power

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I want to die without
a will
”? While some people may act like they don’t need a will, I haven’t
heard anyone actually brag about it. That’s because people seem to agree that
having a will is a good idea. Sadly, with all the benefits, one might expect
that every person would have a will. But the opposite is true. Of the 1.5
million persons who die each year in the U.S., only 30 percent have a will. And many of those wills are defective.

Actually, when it comes right down to it, no one dies without a will. State government has seen
to that. Lawmakers have “written” a general will that stipulates how our
estates will be disbursed — if we fail to do these ourselves. The problem is
they do not know us, our commitment and what we feel is important.

So a personalized will (or other transfer document such as a living trust) is of great value. Not
only does it provide peace of mind; it prescribes who you want to handle your
affairs and who will benefit from your estate. Will power can help you use the power and freedom you have as an
individual to make your own choices regarding the distribution of your estate.

If you do have a will,
when was the last time you reviewed it? Most experts suggest you review your
will every two years or sooner, especially when a major life change has

Let this little message be a boost to your will power
and move you to action. Call your attorney and make an appointment.

For more information about Wills and Will Power please go to http://cabrinifoundation.org/contact/
or call Ellen Cunningham @ 212-228 -8606 for a brochure on wills.

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