Are You a Secret Admirer?


Why not tell us your secret …

Are You a Secret Admirer of the Cabrini Mission Foundation and haven’t told us? The Cabrini Legacy Society, which recognizes friends of Cabrini who have indicated that they have included the Cabrini Mission Foundation or its ministries in their estate plans, is not a secret society, yet many are unaware of its purpose to continue Mother Cabrini’s Legacy of Service. To help the Cabrini Mission Foundation plan for its future, please take a moment to complete this brief survey.

1)         Have you included the Cabrini Mission Foundation in your will or estate plans?

            [  ] Yes            [  ] No

2)         If you have not yet made a provision for Cabrini in your will or estate plans, would you consider doing so in the future? [  ] Yes   [  ] No (If no, please comment)_____________



3)         Thank you for including the Cabrini Mission Foundation in your will or estate plan! If you haven’t already informed us, or if your plans have changed, please describe your gift with as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. We recognize that any estate gift is revocable, is subject to unknown future personal and financial consideration, and can be modified at any time.

            Purpose of gift or area of support:___________________________________________

            All donors of future gifts to the Cabrini Mission Foundation are recognized as members of the Cabrini Legacy Society. We hope you will allow us to recognize your generosity in this way and to list your name(s) as an inspiration to others.

            Please indicate how your name(s) should appear on any recognition material and in our annual donor report: ______________________________________________________________________

4)         [  ] Please do not list my/our name(s) in any donor rosters or publications

5)         Please send me current information on the Mother Cabrini Legacy Society.

            Name ________________________________________________________________

            Address ________________________________ City__________ State ____  Zip ______



We extend a lifetime of appreciation to all members of the Mother Cabrini Legacy Society

  • Special membership memento
  • Annual Legacy Society luncheon
  • Permanent Recognition on our Legacy Wall
  • Partner with a Missionary Sister                                                 
  • Regular updates on Cabrini news and topical estate planning information

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