2003 Grants

The following funding was awarded in 2003. These grants were made possible largely through the generosity and dedication of Cabrini Mission Foundation supporters. Please click here to learn how you can make a donation to the good works sponsored by Cabrini Mission Foundation.

$60,000 to Cabrini Medical Center, New York City, NY
After the events of September 11, 2001 and the loss of beloved EMT Marc Sullins, Cabrini Medical Center reexamined their emergency response system and found that the Cabrini Ambulance service, which is often the first point of contact that the Medical Center has with patients, was drastically in need of service. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded the Medical Center $60,000 to lease three new ambulances in 2003. This grant will improve Cabrini Medical Center’s existing emergency response capabilities for New York City residents.

$22,400 to Cabrini Retreat Center, Des Plaines, IL
As one of only two youth retreat centers in the northwest side of Chicago, Cabrini Retreat Center serves approximately 2,200 youth per year. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded the Retreat Center $22,400 to subsidize the cost of youth retreats for the growing number of students who wish to participate in retreats but might not otherwise have the financial means to do so.

$29,500 to St. Cabrini Nursing Home, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Committed to strengthening the continuum of long-term service provision to the elderly, “Cabrini at Home” enables patients to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded a grant of $29,500 to cover the cost of promotional materials and resources that will publicize the program and help with the recruitment of paraprofessionals, many of whom are women, immigrants, and single parents, to serve the population of Dobbs Ferry.

$30,000 to St. Cabrini Home, West Park, NY
Cabrini-on-Hudson serves elderly individuals in need of residential care who might otherwise live isolated and alone. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded $30,000 to St. Cabrini Home for security systems and furnishings necessary for opening the recent nine-room addition that addresses previously unmet needs of the ever-growing elderly population.

$13,000 to St. Donato School, Philadelphia, PA
Cabrini Mission Foundation provided a $13,000 grant which will supplement funds from the St. Donato Parish to enable the school to maintain three part-time salaries for computer, art, and gym teachers. Not only will this grant allow the school to uphold the mandate of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to provide these special subject classes, it will equip homeroom teachers with more time for quality planning, and foster a well-rounded education for its students.

$11,200 to St. Frances Cabrini Shrine, New York City, NY
The currently offers retreats to approximately 1,000 young people from ten institutions, including local schools and parishes serving the immigrant community of Washington Heights. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded $11,200 to the Shrine to expand retreat opportunities for inner city parishes and schools in Manhattan and the Bronx, thus increasing the number of youth served.

$50,000 to Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, New York City, NY
Serving as a true neighborhood institution over the past ten years, Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CCNR) is adopting a Person Centered Care approach to healthcare for those in need in the Lower East Side of New York City. In order to provide the individualized care upon which this approach is based, CCNR seeks to accommodate the special needs of its patients with high-level healthcare in a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment. Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded $50,000 over two years to support necessary staff training and capital improvements during CCNR’s transition to Person Centered Care.

$25,000 to Mother Cabrini Shrine, Golden, CO
Certified on the National Register of Historic Places in the State of Colorado, The Stone House Retreat Center is the only remaining property associated with the early to mid-20th century institutional care of children in the Denver area. It now primarily serves groups of women, youth, and Spanish-speaking persons on retreat. To supplement a $78,000 grant from the Colorado Historical Society, Cabrini Mission Foundation awarded $25,000 to Mother Cabrini Shrine for necessary renovations that will ensure the longevity of the building and the continuation of retreats and days of reflection for the population it serves.


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